King David

David M. Sanborn has enthralled hundreds of thousands of people with his portrayals of ancient heroes. Now he brings the epic story of King David alive with a "cast" of Hollywood's biggest stars. Sanborn impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Goliath), Sean Connery (as the prophet Nathan), Matthew McConaughey, Robert DeNiro, Antonio Banderas, Gene Kelly, Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Keanu Reeves and many more.

The script is actually taken word-for-word from the Bible. In addition to displaying the timeless humor of human nature, it will also take your breath away at its moving portrayal of King David's trials - those experiences that inspired him to write some of the most beloved lyrics in history (the Psalms), now set to beautiful, original music by Ellen Sanborn and David M. Sanborn, co-composers of such musicals as "Judah Ben-Hur," "Yeshua," and "Anne of Green Gables."

The New York Times said, "The good-looking, hard-working Mr. Sanborn...has a seemingly endless well of feeling." 

"King David" ran for 12 weeks with an extended run off Broadway and is now touring the nation. 

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